Credit Verification

The most critical part of the credit/collection function is granting credit to prospective customers. Diversified Credit Services can complete business-to-business credit verification and business-to-individual as well.

Positive Results

  • You’ll have confidence when establishing new business relationships, prompting increased sales
  • Reduced credit risk to your business, thereby keeping your cash flow healthy and your bottom line strong

The Process

  • Upon receipt of your customer’s completed credit application, Diversified Credit Services will contact bank and trade references to verify the current credit worthiness of the potential customer
  • Additionally, we have access to an online business information resource which provides current financial and other important company updates
  • Once all the pertinent contact information and signed forms are submitted, Diversified Credit Services will prepare a report with recommendations regarding extending credit to that customer and suggest a credit limit
  • Diversified Credit Services is also able to create a credit matrix based on data accumulated by our client’s organization and credit application requests
  • In addition, Diversified Credit Services will evaluate Dun & Bradstreet reports, as well as financial statements.  If a potential customer does not meet your criteria for credit terms, we will work with them and suggest alternatives in order for them to do business with you
  • Diversified Credit Services is online with major credit bureaus and has the ability to provide reports for individuals, proprietorships, and partnerships

DCS continue to exceed all expectations of prompt and professional customer service so much that they truly feel, and certainly are, a vital part of our credit team."