The benefits of outsourcing your organization's billing and invoicing functions are unlimited. Diversified Credit Services (DCS) has a qualified, trained staff to handle any type of invoicing your company requires. Our flexibility allows us to be able to invoice different types of companies in many industries, from service organizations to manufacturers.


Since Invoicing your clients can be done in one of several ways, it is important to determine how your customer would like to receive their invoice:

  • First class mail - From paper folding to stamping machines, we have it all
  • Email - Daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Online - Many companies provide their own system for invoices to be submitted into, commonly referred to as a VMS application
  • 3rd Party Automated System - These clients request no invoices and special attention is needed to monitor payments made

Being non-compliant to a client's contract invoicing terms could lead to delayed payment.



Invoicing Fundamentals

Invoicing Schedule Types

The invoice schedule alternatives are Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly on a specific day. Clients may also prefer to receive invoices on a Fiscal Monthly schedule, such as once a month based on either a 4-week month or a 5-week month, or the client can request to be billed once services/goods are received.
It is very important to find out how often your client is expecting you to invoice them to avoid payment delays.


Invoice Formats

Invoices should be created based upon your clients’ needs. Do they require a purchase order to be referenced on their invoices? Do they want a breakdown by project, accounting code, etc.? This is something that should be listed in your contract (especially if a purchase order is required). It should be discussed at the outset to ensure that you deliver the invoice format that your client is expecting. Payment delay could arise from not having your invoices formatted in the correct manner.

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For more than 15 years we've partnered with Diversified Credit Services (DCS) with amazing success. Their role has expanded from just supplying collectors to a full range service handling virtually every aspect of our Accounts Receivable (client credit checks, invoicing, collections, and cash applications)."