Is Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Right For You?

When to consider A/R outsourcing:

  • Desire to improve the overall efficiency of your Accounts Receivable operations
  • When less than 70% of accounts are current
  • Having to deal with high over-60/90 day percentages on past due invoices
  • Sales volume being impacted due to low customer satisfaction with collections department
  • Increasing levels of inaccurate and/or late payments

What Can Diversified Credit Services Do For You?

Diversified Credit Services is committed to providing our clients with an unparalleled combination of project quality, customer satisfaction, and ultimately increasing your profit.


Diversified Credit Services’ team of experienced professionals can work to lower your daily sales outstanding (DSO), improve your cash flow operations, and reduce the percentage of your over-60/90 day balances.

  • We will proactively manage your Accounts Receivable, which in turn will enhance your customer relationships and improve your company’s profitability through increased sales.
  • We are involved in the entire spectrum of the Accounts Receivable Management process and can assist you with one, some, or all of your Accounts Receivable functions.
  • We maintain accurate customer file information, in addition to providing you with the vital components of the Accounts Receivable function
  • Additional included services:
    • Address changes - correct bill to, contact names, departments, email addresses
    • Tax information - whether the customer is tax exempt, tax exempt certificates, W-9 forms
    • Telephone numbers - A/P contact, fax number, department/end-user
    • Statements - requests by customers and auditors
    • Disputes - product or service discrepancies Purchase order corrections
    • Auditor Requests for Information


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