VMS Application

A Vender Management System, often referred to as a VMS, is a web-based application that is exclusively accessed through the internet.


This application can provide various features:

  • Placing orders
  • Submitting invoices
  • Obtaining invoices
  • Tracking orders
  • Monitoring invoices

These features depend on the VMS program provided by the client. A Vendor Management System is used at the request of a client, who then provides an exclusive login to the system.


At Diversified Credit Services we routinely use a vender management system for the following:

  • Entering a provided purchase order
  • Imputing invoices into the system or against a purchase order
  • Tracking entered invoices for payment
  • Monitoring funds remaining on a purchase order
  • Receiving a remittance or list of invoices paid in a particular payment


Common VMS applications include, but are not limited to Aribia, Catalyst, OB10, Fieldglass, etc.


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