About Diversified Credit Services

DCS has a start many of us know too well in the current economy.


Take consolidating companies, combine that with a few budget cuts and I was left with two choices: Uproot my family across the country to keep my position in credit and collections management, or take the opportunity to explore a new career choice.


Taking the unknown path, I welcomed the creation of Diversified Credit Services (DCS) in April 1991.



Design a company that has the ability to integrate itself into existing companies accounts receivable and credit/collection departments. Outsourcing was virtually unheard of and in a category of its own. At most it was limited to payroll and third-party collections.

We Asked Companies

  • What kind of accounts receivable and credit/collection help are you looking for or need?
  • What areas do you feel can be improved?
  • What are your accounts receivable percentages for each past due category?
  • Has your team lived up to your expectations?

What They Said

  • Help collecting payments within payment terms
  • Help applying payments received accurately to their matching invoices
  • Help invoicing customers promptly and accurately
  • Help with credit approval for new and existing customers
  • Help guiding and training staff

What We Needed In Our Team

  • Direct experience in what our client’s need
  • Professionals from both service and product industries
  • Ability to effortlessly transition into our client’s existing teams
  • Expertise to customize solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients
  • Capability to create long-lasting and gainful partnerships with our clients


I’m proud of what we’ve created at Diversified Credit Services. DCS has become a leading resource for companies. Our management staff brings over ten years of DCS experience to the table and has built a great team.


We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization. Together we can create a thriving and prosperous future.