Years Of Experience

About diversified credit

DCS has a start many of us know too well in the current economy.

Take consolidating companies, combine that with a few budget cuts and I was left with two choices: Uproot my family across the country to keep my position in credit and collections management, or take the opportunity to explore a new career choice.

Taking the unknown path, I welcomed the creation of Diversified Credit Services (DCS) in April 1991.

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Why choose us


Design a company that has the ability to integrate itself into existing companies accounts receivable and credit/collection departments. Outsourcing was virtually unheard of and in a category of its own. At most it was limited to payroll and third-party collections.

We Asked Companies

What kind of accounts receivable and credit/collection help are you looking for or need?
What areas do you feel can be improved?
What are your accounts receivable percentages for each past due category?
Has your team lived up to your expectations?

What They Said

Help collecting payments within payment terms
Help applying payments received accurately to their matching invoices
Help invoicing customers promptly and accurately
Help with credit approval for new and existing customers
Help guiding and training staff

What We Needed In Our Team

Direct experience in what our client’s need
Professionals from both service and product industries
Ability to effortlessly transition into our client’s existing teams
Expertise to customize solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients
Capability to create long-lasting and gainful partnerships with our clients


I’m proud of what we’ve created at Diversified Credit Services. DCS has become a leading resource for companies. Our management staff brings over ten years of DCS experience to the table and has built a great team.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization. Together we can create a thriving and prosperous future.

Our team

Experts in Business credit

Paul Grossi,

President, CEO

Paul started Diversified Credit Services, Inc. in February 1991. His previous experience is in Credit and Collections Management for Fortune 500 companies. Paul managed Accounts Receivable for both product manufacturers and the service industry before creating Diversified Credit Services, Inc.

Jennifer Branco

Invoice/Billing Manager

Jen joined Diversified Credit Services in January 2003 as an Invoice Specialist and rose through the ranks as a Billing Supervisor to her current position as the Invoice/Billing Manager. She manages the invoicing/billing for all our clients.

Lynn Gomes

Assistant Manager Of Collections

Lynn joined Diversified Credit Services in May 2006 as a major account representative. She was promoted in 2009 to Assistant Manager of Collections to oversee the team of portfolio collectors.

Jennifer Simard

Manager Of International Collections

Jen joined Diversified Credit Services in April 2001 as Accounts Receivable Representative. Over the years, Jen has managed a team of representatives for two major clients. In January 2009, Jen assumed responsibility for one of our major clients to manage collections in the UK, France and Amsterdam.