Accounts Receivable Collections

Diversified Credit Services has the knowledge, experience and resources to effectively and securely process your Accounts Receivables, while maintaining/improving customer satisfaction on your behalf. You can depend on our commitment to consistently deliver positive results, as we have for our clients for more than 21 years.

Positive Results

  • Increase in cash flow by collecting your money based on your terms
  • Reduction of bad debt through successful account resolution
  • Reduction in the number of accounts being sent to third party collections
  • Reduction in the percentage of over-60 and over-90 day past due balances

The Process

We contact your customers once they have exceeded your payment terms – you maintain the control here – determine the schedule for follow up with your customers, and we’ll stick to it!

We Perform an account review follow-up to ensure that payment has been received

If payment was not received, our proactive collectors will further investigate the matter and professionally work the account to resolution

We promise effective, valuable communication – we’ll interact with your customer service, sales, and finance departments and alert your management team to important, urgent issues

We’ll provide customized month-end summary reports highlighting our results and bringing attention to certain "problem accounts" for management review

We secure a commitment for payment and document the conversation in our (or your) database for immediate review

We perform an account review follow-up to ensure that payment has been received


In recent years they've begun handling collections outside North America for us as well. DCS responds with professionalism and ingenuity to every challenge we throw their way, while minimizing the time I spend managing the AR function."