Cash Applications

Diversified Credit Services, Inc. has the ability to seamlessly interface with your receivable management system.  As your outsourcing partner, we are able to electronically apply all your daily cash receipts into your database quickly and accurately.


We are able to customize your cash application process based on your requirements. Most banks today allow you to access your statements online, view your checks, Electronic Fund Transfer's (EFT's), and wires that have been deposited that day. Our staff will then begin posting cash and provide a report confirming balances.

The Process

Additionally, Diversified Credit Services has the ability to process all credit card transactions.  We ask that you provide us with the credit card system and choose which type of credit card you wish to accept payments.  DCS will process each credit card transaction on a daily basis and can also provide reports on the customers and amounts being charged.  Lastly, DCS is able to apply cash from EFT transactions.

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Since partnering with DCS our days sales outstanding has been under 45 days each month, and the over- 60 has been under 10%, sometimes dipping as low as 5%.“