Client Testimonials



“For more than 15 years we’ve partnered with Diversified Credit Services (DCS) with amazing success. Their role has expanded from just supplying collectors to a full range service handling virtually every aspect of our Accounts Receivable (client credit checks, invoicing, collections, and cash applications). In recent years they’ve begun handling collections outside North America for us as well. DCS responds with professionalism and ingenuity to every challenge we throw their way, while minimizing the time I spend managing the AR function. They gained the trust (no - earned the trust) of our sales and servicing staff and now work directly with our clients and our internal staff, to handle problems, get information and ensure we provide our customers top rank service while helping to protect our largest asset - AR. DCS truly partners with us to manage all aspects of AR. They are not content with the status quo and activity work with us to suggest ways we can continue to improve and manage our risk / exposure and drive down our DSO while still meeting my customers’ service expectations. I do not lose a minute of sleep worrying about my AR and I constantly recommend their services to my fellow finance professionals."

John P., US Controller


"In 1992, we hired Diversified Credit Services to handle our third party debt through their collection division, Highland Collection Agency. In late 1994, we shopped around for A/R outsourcing firms and narrowed it down to four. In January 1995, we chose Diversified Credit Services to handle the collections for our U.S. accounts and never looked back. We have been thrilled with the results they've achieved. This past year, the DSO has been under 45 days each month, and the over-60 has been under 10% the entire time, sometimes dipping as low as 5%. Our partnership has been a valued one, not only because of the great numbers achieved, but because of the trust involved, the excellent communication back and forth between us, and the professionalism with which DCS handles our accounts. They are outstanding, and I would recommend them highly!”

Walter K., Manager, Credit/Collections



"The decision to outsource was extensively reviewed and scrutinized. The many benefits realized since outsourcing AR and AP continually reinforce and support the conclusion that we made the right decision. Choosing DCS was also the right choice. Their flexibility, professionalism and level of service are exceptional. They allow us to focus on doing the things we do well and leaving the AR and AP functions to the experts, DCS. They were able to understand our business model and come up with processes that were seamless to our internal and external customers and suppliers. As we made changes to our model they were able to adapt and our relationship continues to evolve. When new resources are required, I first think of what DCS can bring to the table.”

James S., Manager, Finance and Credit



"Outsourcing our receivables has allowed us the flexibility to accommodate a volatile economic climate and assume additional responsibilities without additional staffing. Our partnership with DCS began in April 1999 and has flourished into a seamless relationship with excellent customer service and a commitment to our objectives to maximize cash and lower DSO.”

Diane B., Senior Credit Analyst



"Diversified Credit Services has been managing our accounts receivable since 2006. We have strict parameters when we offer terms to our clients. Our cash collection goals are measured weekly which keeps a high level of urgency on every account.

Diversified has been able to keep pace and meet cash expectations week after week. They are aggressive when they need to be and then, when customer service is required, they are able to match the required level of courtesy. I hear this question frequently "How can you outsource something that needs such close management of the AR?". Our answer is Diversified Credit Services is a seamless extension of our business. Calls are routed to them and the client does not know that they are offsite.”

Martin H, Co-Owner



“Our company has utilized the services of DCS for over a decade. They have provided us with excellent customer service as well as high success rate in collecting difficult accounts. It has been a pleasure working with DCS and we look forward to a long relationship in the future.”

Dustin F., Corporate Credit Manager


Software Products & Services Distributor

“I’ve been involved in the credit world for over twenty years, and the level of customer service provided by Diversified Credit Services is unparalleled. They continue to exceed all expectations of prompt and professional customer service so much that they truly feel, and certainly are, a vital part of our credit team. We look forward to depending on the DCS credit team for many years to come.”

Joseph A., Accounts Receivable Manager



“We have been working with Diversified Credit Services in Europe since early 2008 and it has been a very beneficial experience for us. Prior to this business relationship our European accounts receivables were not getting the attention they needed. Since engaging their help our AR aging and debtor days, across all our European businesses, began improving almost immediately and continued to do so consistently until they were in line, or in some cases, better than our company wide collection targets. DCS are easy to work with, driven, and molded themselves to our organization in such a way as to become a seamless extension of our own finance team. I would highly recommend their services and would not hesitate to engage their services again, should I ever find myself in a business where the AR required immediate attention.”

Paul J., European Director



“I have used Diversified Credit Services since they opened about 21 years ago; bringing them with me into every company I have worked for. DCS has transitioned with me through collecting for high tech industry companies including hardware and software, to print media where I was the Credit/Collection Manager at a major publication, and finally I am currently working with DCS on collecting past due accounts for condo complexes. They have also created customized reports for each of the specific industries/companies that I have worked with. The best part of all is that you can just turn it over to Paul and his team and trust that it is going to get done. They do it all, they do it well, and they are economically cost effective. I love working with these people!”

Mark I., Treasurer



“Diversified has been great to work with. They are very proactive and professional in their collection process. They go above and beyond the call of duty and always follow the guidelines we have set for them. We hope to continue the relationship with them for many years!”

Matt B., Controller


Marketing Research for Pharmaceuticals

“Diversified Credit Services, Inc. has been our partner for collection services for over 15 years. They have consistently delivered excellent results. We have never had any negative feedback from our internal, and more specifically external, customers while they work towards collecting our accounts receivables on a monthly basis. At one time, we decided to move our collection efforts in-house and we were painfully unsuccessful. We have since moved our collection efforts back to Diversified Credit Services and we are very pleased we have. For the most part, our aging is current and any outstanding receivables issues have been identified. They have been a great resource and partner.”

Anissa P., Vice President of Accounting