Third-Party Collections

As a wholly-owned and operated division of Diversified Credit Services, Inc., Highland Collection Agency offers services worldwide for commercial or business-to-business collections. Upon receipt of an account, we immediately begin collection activity which we will continue to pursue until payment is received in full, or the account is resolved. 

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Why Highland Collection Agency?


  • We follow a “no collection/no fee” policy, and our commission fees are highly competitive, (see rate schedule below), including discounts for volume clients
  • Our collectors are persistent, yet professional, and focus on customer service
  • Our collectors have extensive experience in many industries, enabling them to adapt to clients’ varied businesses
  • We handle each account exclusively, confidentially, and in keeping with the rules and regulations mandated by the state and federal government
  • Highland Collection Agency is bonded
  • Partnership - we involve you with the collection process to the extent that you wish to be involved and consult with you when decisions need to be made

Our Rates

Our rates are dependent on the total amount of initial placement with us:


$0 - 500
$501 - 2,000
$2,001 - $25,000
Please call for a quote
Outside U.S. and Canada
35 - 50% - Please call for a quote
(additional filing fees may apply)