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Pay by Phone. Hear your account balance, due date and make a payment anytime by calling 833-970-2262 for English or 833-970-2263 for Spanish. Auto Pay. Enroll

Bill Payment Options


Paying your energy bill has never been easier with NorthWestern Energy’s various payment options. Choose the option that best suits your needs and pay your bill conveniently and securely.

One-Time Payment

Make a one-time payment instantly online for free with your checking or savings account or with a credit or debit card for a $2.75 processing fee. No registration required.

[button href=”https://northwesternenergy.com/billing-payment/payment-options” target=”_blank”]Make a One-Time Payment[/button]

Pay using your financial institution

Bill pay is a convenient service offered by many banks and credit unions. This service allows you to organize all of your one-time and recurring bills in one place and pay them automatically. Contact your local financial institution for more information.

Pay by Phone

Hear your account balance, due date, and make a payment anytime by calling 833-970-2262 for English or 833-970-2263 for Spanish.

Auto Pay

Enroll in one of NorthWestern Energy’s Auto Pay programs and take advantage of payments debited directly from your checking, savings, or credit/debit account.

[button href=”https://northwesternenergy.com/billing-payment/payment-options” target=”_blank”]Learn More[/button]

Pay by Text

Paying your energy bill can be as simple as sending a text when you sign up for NorthWestern Energy’s “Pay By Text” option, using your credit or debit card payments ($2.75 processing fee). Enroll in My Energy Account.

[button href=”https://northwesternenergy.com/billing-payment/payment-options” target=”_blank”]Enroll Now[/button]

Pay by Mail

Mail your check or money order to:

NorthWestern Energy
11 E. Park St.
Butte, MT 59701-1711

Pay in Person

To pay your bill in person, visit one of NorthWestern Energy’s walk-in customer service centers. You can also pay your bill at any Western Union location.

[button href=”https://northwesternenergy.com/billing-payment/payment-options” target=”_blank”]Find a walk-in office[/button]

Payment Arrangements

If you’re having difficulty paying your bill, call NorthWestern Energy or log in to “My Energy Account.”

[button href=”https://northwesternenergy.com/billing-payment/payment-options” target=”_blank”]Login Now[/button]

Payment Confirmation

If you have recently made a payment on your account and would like to notify NorthWestern Energy, you can do so via the link below.

[button href=”https://northwesternenergy.com/billing-payment/payment-options” target=”_blank”]Learn More[/button]

Payment Assistance

If you need help paying your utility bill, there is help.

[button href=”https://northwesternenergy.com/billing-payment/payment-options” target=”_blank”]Learn More[/button]

Billing Options

NorthWestern Energy offers billing options that fit your needs, whether you prefer a paperless bill, budget billing, or need to set up payment arrangements.

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Set up convenient billing and payment options from paperless billing to budget billing. Choose what works best for you!

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